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Extended Life High Temperature Resistant and Wear Resistant para-aramid synthetic fiber Felt Textile Products for Use On Aluminum Extrusion Handling Systems

Today's TUFF TEMP products, represented by NOKTA METAL in Turkey and neighbouring countries, have been uniquely engineered to have temperature resistance up to 1400║ F / 760║ C and possess unsurpassed cut and abrasion resistance. Our roots supplying the glass industry have served us well for the aluminum extrusion market. Glass manufacturing processes tend to be abrasive and very hot (1,200║ Fahrenheit  / 659 Celsius and higher), and remain at higher temperatures for longer periods of time than those seen in most aluminum extrusion plants.

In addition to superior heat resistance, our para-aramid synthetic fiber felt products have unmatched durability. In head to testing at a number of the largest US aluminium extrusion plants, our products has consistently shown longer wear life than the leading needle punched felt materials, longer wear life than woven aramid blended materials, and longer wear life than comparable thickness carbon blocks. This performance directly translates into longer continuous production runs and less maintenance down time for our customers.

In addition to superior wear life, our felt products also possesses a very low thermal conductivity, so it will not leave unacceptable "shadow spots" like carbon. The more forgiving our fabric also eliminates the scratches, dents and streaking commonly found with rigid carbon blocks.

Our para-aramid synthetic fiber felt hi-temp textile products eliminate scratches, carbon marks, cooling grey/black spots, marring and unwanted surface defects during the extrusion process. You get always better surface quality in mill-finish or anodized extrusions and happy customers at the end.

Be it TUFF TEMP Roller Covers, Flight Bar Pads, Transfer Arm & Walking Beam Pads, Cooling Table Pads or Endless Transfer Belts ľ Our products have been developed for your industry.

Please use the navigation buttons on the left to see our products we have developed for your industry. We invite you to let us know the dimensions of your various handling system materials. It is our pleasure to supply you with product samples (at special disconut price)   for head to head comparison testing. This is the best way for us to prove our value to you, and we welcome the opportunity to do so!

Thermal Conductivity

  0.04 Btu. in/(h.ft2 ║F)

Temperature Resistance

  Up to 1000║ Fahrenheit  / 540║ Celsius Continuos
  Up to 1400║ Fahrenheit  / 760║ Celsius Intermittent

Abrasion Resistance


Cut Resistance


Chemical   Resistance

  Good resistance to acid and alkalis
  Excellent solvent resistance
  Degraded by strong mineral acids and bases
  Excellent resistance to mildew and aging

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aluminium extruders eliminate unwanted black marks reduce scratches and marring of extrusions during extrusion process. Our para-aramid synthetic fiber felt textile  products to replace graphite covers on slat run-out conveyors or cooling tables. Use our para-aramid synthetic fiber felt products for roller covers and belt systems cooling tables of aluminum extrusion handling systems. felt products rollers roller roller cover covers pad pads endless belts belt belting clipper lacing sewn ends. roller covers felt pads hi-temp belts spacer covers meta-aramid thermofelt thermo-felt thermotex thermotex keše kece 
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