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There are two TUFF TEMP distinct product lines of seamless tubular textile products, which are ideal for use as high temperature roller covers. 

Since the mid-1970's 
unique seamless TUFF TEMP woven para-aramid synthetic fiber
Tubing has manufactured and supplied and we have now recently developed a unique heavyweight knitted tubular product called TUFFNIT. 

Both our woven tubing, and our TUFFNIT tubing, are manufactured in a wide variety of Inside Diameter (I.D.) sizes to fit your particular rollers. For any size not readily available from our extensive inventory list, our staff of highly skilled Textile Engineers can custom develop a high performance tubing to fit your particular roller specifications.

As with our lines of high temperature resistant conveyor belting, tapes, and fabricated wear pads, our seamless tubing exhibits superior temperature resistance, outstanding durability, and is completely non-marking on your product. All our tubing has been engineered and designed to deliver the absolute longest material wear life, enabling your plant to achieve the longest continuous production runs, with far less costly maintenance down time. 

Within the glass industry, our tubing has long been used as protective roller covers within the hot end of automotive glass bending and tempering ranges.  Our tubing is used as a protective roller covering on press bending rollers, blasthead rollers, and cooling

Our seamless tubing is currently being used by many of the world's largest flat glass manufacturers. In addition, our tubing is also supplied OEM to many of the leading manufacturers of horizontal bending and tempering range equipment. 

Our seamless woven tubing and TUFFNIT tubing are the ideal protective covering for your rollers because:

  • Our tubing has proven temperature resistance up to 1350 F 732 C, making it ideal to handle the higher temperatures experienced in the press bending section of the range 

  • Using large mechanically enhanced para-aramid synthetic fiber yarns, our tubing has superior cut resistance, so it better resists tearing from glass breakage a common failure point amongst competing roller cover materials 

  • our seamless tubing adheres well to your rollers with virtually no slack or creases, providing superior optics on the hot glass.

Many of today's automotive windshields and backlites are increasingly more complex in their curvature. Our tubing provides superior optics on even the most severely curved windshields and backlites. 

  • Our new our tubing has been designed to be used as a 1 piece cover on the rollers. Traditionally, within most automotive glass bending and tempering ranges, two roller cover materials have been used on the individual rollers - an underlayer covering and an outerlayer covering. The two piece covering was used because it provided better cushioning, increased roller diameters, and slightly longer material life. However, our new TUFFNIT tubing has been engineered to be used as a 1 piece covering on the rollers, allowing you to eliminate all costs and man-hours associated with using and handling an underlayer material. This provides significant cost savings on time and materials. In addition, in head to head testing at several leading automotive glass plants, TUFFNIT's material wear life regularly exceeded that of the two piece covering, providing significant cost savings in production. 


In addition to use as protective roller covers, our tubing is equally ideal for use as coverings on hand tongs and grippers. our tubing is available in a variety of smaller Inside Diameter sizes to fit the specifications of your hand tongs. 
We manufacture a separate woven tubing that is intertwined with a fine 7 mil brass wire, that is ideal for use as tong covers. The brass wire serves as heat sink within the tubing, enhancing the material wear life with improved cut and abrasion resistance. Please feel free to contact NOKTA METAL LTD to discuss your particular hot end application. It is our pleasure to provide you with samples of our tubing to test in the hot end of your plant so that we can prove our value, and help you improve the productivity of your manufacturing process. 

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