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TUFF TEMP has recently developed two highly innovative breakthrough conveyor belts, that has been designed and engineered for the very hottest and most severe conveyance applications. 

Known as our "Combo Belt" & "Blended Belt", these high-density, up to 5/16" (8 mm) thick, 4-ply belts are woven with a blend of multiple specialty high temperature and abrasion resistant textile fibers (including Stainless Steel Textiles). By blending multiple specialty textile fiber types, we are able to leverage the unique performance properties of each fiber to create an overall more durable belt that can withstand higher levels of temperature and abrasion. 



Our "Combo Belts and "Blended Belts" are now being used in many of the world's leading Ovenware and Tableware plants, where ware temperatures are amongst the very hottest in the glass industry. Within these plants these new belts are already used to convey large and heavy ware types that still may be glowing red hot when contacting the belt. Our "Combo Belts and "Blended Belts" offers outstanding durability and performance in such applications, with unmatched belt wear life. 

Our conveyor belting has also proven to be an ideal replacement for traditional chain and metal belts, which require costly and air polluting high energy burners to help prevent checks and marks. No burners are required when running our belts, significantly reducing your energy costs, while improving the surface quality of your ware.

In fact, one recent customer using our Tuff Temp reported that they are saving more than $ 100 per day per belt line in energy costs alone. Their plant manager commented that based on energy cost savings alone, "Is like we are getting the belts for free!" 

Add this to the complete elimination of toxic fumes from the gas burners and you will have a cleaner, healthier work place environment! 

As you run your plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, any downtime that you experience is un-recapturable, permanently lost revenue. With that mindset, our focus is to supply you with the longest lasting, most durable conveyor belts available in the world, achieving the longest continuous production runs, with minimal costly maintenance down-time. 

If you are seeking longer wear life from your hot end conveyor belting to increase your production throughput, please feel free to contact us. Samples of our new "Combo and Blended Belting" can be provided for testing and evaluation in your plant.

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