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TUFF TEMP HiTemp Fabricated Wear Pads

We have a fully equipped fabricating shop which is capable of producing customized pads, liners, seals, gaskets, and expansion joints to meet your unique high temperature needs. Our on site technicians can provide customized form cutting, hole punching, sewing, and slitting to meet your unique specifications. Our pads can be fabricated into a multitude of shapes and sizes, up to 24" (610 mm) wide and a full 1" (25 mm) in thickness. 

In developing these products, our Sales Engineers will first work with you to determine a suitable high temperature resistant product for your particular application (based upon estimated working conditions of temperature, abrasion, etc.). Next, we will listen to you to get all of your particular specifications (e.g. pad dimensions, stiffness, thickness, etc.). Once we receive your specifications, our trained technicians will then develop working prototypes for your review.  Upon your approval, die cuts will be made to ensure total consistency and strict adherence to your particular tolerances. 

All of our wear pads will be fabricated from either our line of mechanically enhanced para-aramid synthetic fiber products, or our HiTemp line of PBI-based materials. As previously noted, the selection of the appropriate base material for the wear pad is dependent upon the conditions of your particular hot end application. For example, those applications with a significant amount of abrasion and cutting action, such as scoop liner pads on a glass ribbon machine, would require a tougher, more wear resistant pad material. Our "wear pads" are ideal for this. Those pad applications that have significantly more temperature exposure, such as vacuum pads used in the forming section of a pressware plant, may be better served by our higher heat resistant HiTemp pads. Either way, our TUFF TEMP and HiTemp fabricated pads will possess the same superior temperature and wear resistant performance properties as our regular tape, tubing and conveyor belting products. 

Both TUFF TEMP and HiTemp fabricated wear pads may also be treated with one of our value-added finishing treatments, known as Wear Gard, Wear Gard Plus, and Special Finish Impregnation. These unique treatments impart enhanced cut and abrasion resistance to the pad material, as well as added stiffness. All of our treatments are completely safe for your plant
personnel, and all are completely non-marking when contacting your products. 

Our fabricated wear pads are used in the hot end of virtually every segment of the glass industry. Our customers' pad applications include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Within Hollowware and Container Glass plants we supply our Special Finish Impregnated HiTemp material to use as a buffer pad on Pusher Bar Paddles, Star Wheels, Stacker Bars and Lehr Loaders 

In head to head testing, our Special Finish HiTemp material has shown longer wear life than many carbon carbon composite materials. 

  • Within Pressware plants we supply both TUFF TEMP and HiTemp material to use as vacuum pads, lens pads, and take-out head pads 

  • Within Lighting Glass plants our TUFF TEMP para-aramid synthetic fiber pads are typically used as scoop liners on rotary ribbon machines. TUFF TEMP para-aramid synthetic fiber pads are also used in Tractor Pullers in tubing glass plants 

Our para-aramid synthetic fiber pads are also used extensively within aluminum extrusion plants to help  convey, handle and move hot aluminium extrusion profiles. Please visit our section on the aluminum extrusion industry …to see how our pads can help benefit you.

Our Sales Engineers are available at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to discuss your particular hot end applications. It is our pleasure to provide you with sample pads for testing and evaluating.

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