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Designed and Engineered for Aluminum Extrusion Handling Systems

NOKTA METAL LTD, helps you to solve your extrusion handling problems with our TUFF TEMP unique Endless Transfer Belt that combines both superior heat and abrasion with outstanding mechanical performance. Our belts can provide unmatched levels of durability and wear life for your handling systems. However, for Endless Transfer Belts, mechanical performance issues, such as minimal belt stretch and proper belt tracking are equally important and our product exerts 25+ years of engineering expertise to ensure a high standard on these measures.

All our Transfer Belts are joined endless using a unique splice that contains only 100% para-aramid synthetic fiber non-marking textile materials and functions as a virtually seamless joint. The strength, integrity and dimensional stability of this join is excellent Belts can be driven on pulleys as small as 3" (75 mm) in diameter and belt stretch has consistently proven to be minimal.

aluminium extrusion handling system heat resistant paraaramid textile

Any potential belt stretch is also further controlled through our use of pre-stretched belts. Prior to installing the endless splice, all transfer belts are either Wear Gard treated or Water Stretched treated in one of our in house curing ranges. Both treatments subject the belting to a high degree of tension during operation, effectively pre-stretching it before it runs on your system. Once pre-stretched, the belting is carefully measured to your defined length specification, and our unique splice is then installed. 

endless transfer belts para-aramid synthetic fiber

Our Endless Transfer Belts are custom fabricated to your specific width and length (up to a 24" or 610 mm maximum width, and no defined limitation on length). Belt thickness can vary from a nominal 1/4" (6 mm)  to a nominal 3/8" (9 mm), dependent upon which the belt pattern and treatment is selected. 

para-aramid synthetic fiber paraaramid

All our Endless Transfer Belts are fabricated and
thoroughly inspected to exacting standards for consistency in both
width and straightness throughout the length of the belting, including
the spliced area. With a high degree of dimensional stability
and consistency in both width and lack of curvature, our products ensures good tracking on your conveyors, with minimal belt travel.


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