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Designed and Engineered for Aluminum Extrusion Handling Systems

NOKTA METAL LTD, helps you to solve your aluminium extrusion handling problems. Available in nominal 1/2" (12 mm) thick and nominal 1" (25 mm) thick multiple plied woven constructions, our  high-density flight bar pads have proven to be the industry's longest lasting and most durable Flight Bar Pads. aluminium extrusion handling conveyor systems heat resistant

In starting out with tough mechanically enhanced 100% para-aramid synthetic fiber yarns, all our woven products have inherent cut and abrasion resistance. However, this durability is significantly enhanced in our Flight Bar Pads through use of dense, multiple plied constructions. Our 1/2" (12 mm) thick pads are comprised of 8 dense plys of woven para-aramid synthetic fiber, and our 1" (25 mm) thick pads are comprised of a full 16 woven plys.

Our Pads' durability is also significantly enhanced from application of our value-added treatments, called Wear Gard or Wear Gard Plus, for conveyance of your Hottest & Heaviest weight extrusions. Applied though a heated, high tension curing range, our protective Wear Gard treatment imparts added cut and abrasion resistance to the base material. It also makes the pads stiffer, making them ideal for fabricating, while substantially reducing the risk of fraying. Our Flight Bar Pads can be effectively bonded to your equipment with good industrial grade contact cement. This eliminates the risk of potential scratches associated with countersunk screw heads that are typically used for attaching other types of handling system materials.


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