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Wood-Effect look on various materials such as aluminium, steel and plastic materials is possible by sublimation, transfer or veneering processes. Machinery and plant to produce woof-effect pattern on aluminium and other materials. Wood effect is maintanence free finishing on metal, plastic and industrial wooden materials  with the appearence of real wood and with the durability of aluminium, steel,  plastic for a natural look for interior and exterior architectural / building / decoration applications.

Also, industrial wooden materials such as MDF can be transferred in appearence into a higher quality natural wood look. 

SUBLITEX, uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment in the aluminium, interior decoration,  accessory, furniture and other new sectors in which the use of transfer printing is becoming more and more popular. Sublitex transfer paper, films and foils are used to decorate different products such as fabric, leather, synthetic material, aluminium & metal, plastic, glass, wood and many others. You can transfer your designs and patterns onto various materials no matter what end-user markets they are intended for. Sublitex is used for decorating Fashion, Interior Design, Architecture, Construction Materials and Products. 

In the wood printing sector, SUBLITEX distinguishes it self with its brand DECOTRANS which is a system for printing wood effect and other patterns on powder coated aluminium, wood and plastic materials invented and patented by Sublitex. It is extensively used in the architectural aluminium extruded products, furniture and interior decoration sectors worldwide. Currently, it is considered the best product on the market for wood decoration. 

DECOTRANS basically uses an enhancement process called 'MAKE UP' and its purpose is principally to transform ordinary wood into high-quality wood by means of veneering, while retaining the original warmth, iridescence, porousness and depth of the natural wood. 

From a technical point of view DECOTRANS is a pre-treated, dimensionally stable polypropylene film that prints high quality on wood using thermo-reactive colours or decorative patterns. A video computer system monitors the activity of the cylinders and makes adjustments to ensure a high level of definition. The DECOTRANS' process does not produce any chemical reaction, emissions or vapour. DECOTRANS allows the use of materials from plantations of little value, thus contributing to the safeguarding of high quality wood. 

Decotrans the polyester film for sublimation "wood effect" used on aluminium aluminum window profiles sheets and construction elements and is in compliance with EEC regulations. 

TEXCOVER  is a  printed self-adhesive polyester film
used on aluminium steel wood architectural surfaces for decoration. It is printed with vinyl resin and solvent based colour inks on a rotagravure machine. It is suitable for both internal and external applications. It adds aestethic value to : Aluminium, carbon steel (hot & cold laminated), stainless steel, electro-galvanized steel. Coil coating process benefits the advantage of Texcover application to produce decorative finishes on steel and aluminium coils / sheets. 

TEXCOVER can give any metal surface a natural decorative appearence such as wood, marble, granite etc., or a creative pattern (pop art, flowers, advertisements), or a metal surface (copper, bronze, brushed stainless steel, etc.) It goes byond traditional methods of prepainting / precoating such as PVDF, polyurethane, epoxy.  It can be used for external outdoor applications because of its' resistance to athmospheric conditions and UV rays. It protects the metallic substrate from chemical attacks. Texcover allows you to decorate / decorative durable finish any architectural element. 

Please contact us for your needs on Sublitex, Decotrans transfer papers / transfer films and Texcover films to produce value-added products, increase your product's quality and your business' efficiency and profitability in transfer printing onto metal, wood, plastic and textile materials.

Transfer Printing machinery & plant for applying wood effect wood grain texture & other patterns decoration on aluminium extrusion & sheet.

Horizontal Vertical Compact Powder Coating Plant / Line  

Download DECOTRANS Sublitex Patterns Catalog (8 MB)

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