DecoTransArt :
DecotransArt is a an extremely technological and versatile product used in diverse fields of application such as: Design, Fashion, Automotive and Flooring.

DecotransArt is a film used to develop any design that can be transferred onto other materials. Almost all types of synthetic materials can be decorated.

DecotransArt in Design:

Plasticware, vases, helmets, panels, cooking pans and outdoor/indoor glass applications are just some of uses for DecotransArt. Representing one of its key characteristics is faster application and the possibility to transfer the film onto three-dimensional or flat objects. Vinyl resin-coated furniture panels can be decorated applying decorative patterns on shiny or lacquered supports. Additionally, DecotransArt can be transferred onto safety films used in unbreakable crystal glass.


DecotransArt for u-PVC Profiles Sheets & Panels: 

u_PVC sheets & panels and profiles can be decorated to have wood-pattern look or other decorations.

DecotransArt ile dekore edilmiş ahşap görünümlü u-PVC profil profiller levha panel
Samples of u-PVC products decorated by DecotransArt

DecotransArt in Fashion:

Leather and Eco-Leather, Polyurethane and Polyester. This technology unfolds into coloured designs being applied on leather, eco-leather or synthetics to transfer any fashion design onto accessories such as: bag, shoes, suitcases, boots, belts and wallets.

DecotransArt in Automotive:

Automobile interiors and Train or Shipping Craft interiors. This technology is used to overcome the difficulties encountered in decorating automobile stiff interiors which, insofar as formed by differing components varying in size and shape, are not easy to coat. The design can be transferred onto the most hidden away angles or corners, accelerating production without wasting resources.

DecotranArt nel Flooring:

As applied with vinyl resin, the transfer film is used in flooring. Rendering the product unique are retained colour warmth, depth and iridescence, combined with decorative wood effect, wood grain or many other patterns. Highly resistant, the flooring attained under this method is earmarked for large-space environments such as offices, supermarkets, airports, trade fair pavilions, gyms and communities. Ideal for environments that have to be kept spotlessly clean and perfectly overhauled.

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