Aluminium Extrusions
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Wrapping Packing Machine Aluminium Extrusions Profiles Extruded Shapes

Wrapping Packing Machine Aluminium Extrusions Profiles Extruded Shapes

An ideal machine to bundle aluminium profiles prior to loading to lorries or putting them into crates / boxes.

The machine uses two crepe paper or nylon/plastic band rolls simultaneously.

Machine designed with a compact steel frame. Replacement of wrapping material is carried out quickly and easily (under one minute) using bayonet type quick change holders for rolls of wrapping materials. Profiles are drawn through the machine by a series of rollers which open and close automatically, allowing bundles with different dimensions to pass through automatically without stopping the machine. The wrapping device is composed of a rotor which rotates and holds the roll of wrapping film which is supported by a mandrel with specially designed clutch designed to maintain the tension constant until the roll is finished; these rolls are easily and quickly replaced in less than one minute. The speed is regulated by means of an electronic inverter controlled through a potentiometer situated on the main control panel. An automatic device senses when the roll has run out or should the wrapping material tear, bringing the machine to a complete stop and warning the operator. Machine designed to operate in “stop and go” mode with a blade cutting the wrapping material automatically at the end of each wrapping cycle. 

Speed regulation : By inverter
Machine size (standard) : Width 1500 mm x Height 1500 mm x Length 1600 mm

Max. speed 40 m. per minute in “continuous” mode (standard machine). 

Max. Bundle sizes: rectangular 350 mm wide x 200 mm high or 150 x 150 mm square
Min. Bundle sizes: rectangular 40 mm wide x 20 mm high or 40 x 40 mm square

Wrapping materials used:

Two rolls of nylon stretch film or kraft paper:
- outer diam. max 350 mm
- inner diam. max 50 or 76 mm (to be confirmed)
- width 100 /120 mm

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