A new solution for aluminium powder producers


Melting furnace for producing aluminium powder

Dross Engineering and Toyal Europe have just commissioned an innovative aluminium powder production line. The line, installed at Toyal’s Accous plant in South-West France, guarantees regular, exceptionally high quality production of aluminium powder.

Dross Engineering’s team of engineers designed and built the original powder production line some ten years ago based on standard 25kg ingot feedstock. However, such feedstock is being phased out from the pure and extra pure aluminium market to be replaced by 450 to700 or even 800kg Jumbo ingot and T bar. Such feedstock makes regulating bath levels impossible with conventional equipment. Faced with this difficulty, Toyal Europe approached Dross Engineering to help find a solution.

The new installation is equipped with twin dry hearth electric element melting furnaces. T bar and jumbo ingot is melted on the dry hearth and the molten aluminium runs into the furnace holding compartment. The key to the success of the installation is found in the fact that the melting furnaces are pressurized and act as extremely accurate dosing units. The furnaces supply a constant and regular stream of molten metal to the atomising well that is heated by electric immersion heaters. The metal level in the atomising well is maintained to within +/- 3mm.

The fully automated installation is operated 24/7 by a single technician, whose main responsibility is to charge the melting hearths alternatively. The supervisor programme controls the process throughout from jumbo ingot to conditioned aluminium powder.

Dross Engineering and Toyal have taken out a patent covering the whole process.


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